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Genius Fix for Normally Pricey Repair – Windshield Chips


While a windshield chip or crack can occur anytime and is never convenient, it often happens while traveling.  Getting it fixed when away from home is a major pain because you often don’t know the area and who wants to spend the time on a vacation or have to drive a motorhome to an insurance approved shop for the day.  (Good luck finding one of those!)

There are those mobile fix-it locations that will repair a crack for you but they may not be easy to locate in the desert, near the beach or in the middle of nowhere while traveling.  Just leaving it till you get home can sometimes turn a chip into a larger feathering crack not to mention the danger of a crack turning into a safety risk. 


I saw this great video  on you tube that I’d love to try although I’m not anxious to need the opportunity, if you know what I mean. This fella demonstrated how to use these Windshield Repair Kits that have evidently been around for a while.

This is one of several brands I found on Amazon.  They range from $8 to $20.

What? Have I been living under a rock.  Wow, I was really impressed.  The DIY video is only 6 minutes long.  The whole process added another hour maybe for drying and waiting between steps but it was all done quickly, by a non-professional and with no special tools except what is readily available online through Amazon and elsewhere in that little kit.

                                              ChrisFix’s Video at https://youtu.be/QjuWqBzO7qY

This little Fix it was just too easy to pass up and may keep me from crying over a few hundred dollars the next time a speeding semi throws a pebble my way.

Has anyone tried this personally?  I’ll update the post if I have the chance to try it myself and y’all do the same in the comments below. 

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