Hidden Valley RV Park

Hidden Valley is Now a “Plan-It” Green Certified Park

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PLAN-IT Green Park
     Hidden Valley RV Park has recently applied and qualified for the ?”Plan-It” Green sustainable park program hosted by the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC.)  There are 16 initiatives of which a park must be practicing at least 9, to qualify.  We currently practice 11, with plans to incorporate more as conditions permit.  Here are the initiatives we qualified with and resolve to uphold: 

  1. Actively demonstrates and communicates conservation and recycling practices to employees and guests.
  2. Park provides recycle bins for cans, paper, glass and/or plastic
  3. Park uses energy-saving products and appliances
  4. Park uses non-toxic biodegradable cleaning products
  5. Park invests in landscaping practices and techniques that minimize water usage
  6. Park landscaping consists of wood chip, pebble, paved, or grass paths
  7. Park uses post-consumer recycled products
  8. Park participates in on-site organic composting solutions
  9. Park utilizes renewable energy power sources
  10. Park uses low voltage lighting kits to light walkways, patios, decks, etc.
  11. Park recycles hazardous waste
ARVC’s certification form requires a detailed description as to how an applicant park is applying these initiatives and a resolve to continue to practice them.
We are happy to provide our guests, extended stay and vacationers, with a sustainable park that preserves your health and our shared environment.  Feel free to inquire about any of these initiatives and how you can participate.
Consider this your personal invitation to come by for a  park tour or BOOK a tent or RV site at our San Antonio RV Park