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RV Movies to Make You Laugh and Cry


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Best RV Movies

This list of RV Movies will have you grabbing the popcorn and
maybe even the tissues!


This comedy stars Robin Williams and Jeff
Daniels and has the best 
dumping scene in any movie ever; with
a massive explosion that leaves Bob (Robin Williams) covered in an unpleasant
situation. The funny thing is we have all been there. Bob goes to the dump and
realizes he has no clue what he is doing. So, two kindhearted fellow campers
offer advice, but they are as clueless as Bob. This scene alone is worth
watching it repeatedly.

There are lots of mishaps along the way on this RV
adventure! A run in with racoons, his laptop gets stolen, no internet (we’ve
all been there) and constant run ins with an obnoxious, banjo playing,
partridge family singing family that sells car horns for a living. This movie
will have you laughing, singing and saying, “
OMG, that’s so US!”

Are the Millers

This is a very adult movie! It is
packed full of comedy, truth and intense moments that leave you cringing. It is
the type of movie that has you up pacing and covering your

eyes in disbelief.
The Millers are the luckiest drug smuggling, RV driving, fraudulent family on
the road. At one point the dad pulls the RV over and sets his fake family
straight on how things are; funny thing is while he is trying to convince the
audience that it is a fake situation it comes across as real as my family or


The title says it all and we all seek to leisure;
lay by the pool, travel the countryside, see new sites and bask in the sun.
Sounds great right? Well not so much in this movie. Grab your tissues, you are
going to need them. This movie is sad & realistic and sometimes sad movies
are some of the best made. Movies like this bring out the best emotions in us,
make us better people, and sometimes you just need a good cry. John and Ella
both stricken with terminal illnesses decide to take one last voyage, to the
Florida Keys, in their vintage camper they call the 
Leisure Seeker.
Many of us travel with illnesses and John and Ella are not immune. John has
Alzheimer’s and Ella is stricken with cancer. This movie is about their last RV
adventure and all the trials and tribulations that come with doing so and
dealing with knowing death is imminent.

Lampoons Christmas Vacation

Who doesn’t love Chevy Chase? In this movie Chevy
Chase and Beverly D’Angelo host the most chaotic, patriotic, crazy family holiday
event this side of the crapper. Speaking of crapper 
Lampoons Christmas Vacation is known for its “
the crappers full
scene”. I don’t know what it is but there seems to be a theme with RV movies
involving emptying the sewer and something going terribly wrong. It could be
because it hits close to home since we’ve all experienced that “oh no” moment
when emptying the tank.

While this movie may not be completely about an RV
you will surely enjoy Uncle Eddie and his home on wheels.

A Goofy Movie

Goofy Movie is not just for the
kids; it is a heart-warming cartoon about a goof and his kid. Like most of us
Goofy wants so much to bond with his teenage son that he decides to take him on
a camping trip. When Goofy’s friend, Pete, finds out about the fishing trip he
grabs his son, jumps in his modern RV and meets up with Goofy and Max down the
road. It takes Pete about twenty seconds to set up camp; complete with a pool,
lounge area, and basketball court. While the RV scenes are short in this movie,
they are memorable. A Goofy Movie is about love, nature, bigfoot and camping.

If you have any other favorites, share them with us.  A few RV movies that get honorable mention
are Spaceballs, Incredibles, and The Long, Long Trailer with Lucille Ball and
Desi Arnaz.

Connie is a freelance writer/photographer specializing in the outdoors. She
travels full-time across the U.S. Connie is the author of “One Child’s
Struggle with Cancer: A Mother’s Pathway to God.” Wife to Wild Woody,
mother of a Marine and friend to all, Connie loves to write about family, pets
and life on the road.

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