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Vehicle Registration Made Easy for RVers, New “Texas Two Step”

Whether you’re a native, transplanted or temporary RV Texan, if you decide on Texas residency you’ll need to have your vehicle inspected and registered here in the “Friendship State.”

New TX Vehicle Registration: How it Applies to Texas RVers

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has made some changes to the
inspection and license renewal process , in effect as of March 1, 2015. 
It’s a big change for RVers in that now
trailers and 5th wheels, even boat trailers and utility trailers, require inspection AND there are now two steps but only one sticker involved with the process.  So according to the DMV rules and literature, here’s a simplified summary of the new rules especially for our Texas resident RV friends and those considering Texas residency.

  • Purpose   The purpose of this change is to simplify
    the vehicle & trailer registration process to a single sticker instead of the previous
    dual sticker system.

    New sticker to replace both the inspection and registration sticker
    One vehicle sticker replaces both the inspection and registration sticker
  • How it works  ALL vehicles AND trailers require a yearly safety inspection before you can renew the registration.  As has always been the case, proof of insurance is required for all vehicles at the inspection station. Previously the inspector would give you an inspection
    sticker; then you would get a second sticker from the DMV for the registration.                            As of March 1, 2015 your safety inspector will send the
    results of the inspection to the DMV electronically as well as issuing you a hard copy of proof of inspection.  You may get that inspection performed up to three months before the registration expires.  If you do so, the proof is likely to be recorded at the DMV office and you can do the registration online. If you are cutting it close to
    your expiration date for the inspection then you may have to go to the DMV in person with the hard
    copy of the inspection report to renew your registration.*  At that point you will be issued ONE sticker to cover both the inspection and the registration. The DMV has created this video to clarify these new rules:    (note the snappy tune.)                                                                                                                                     
  • Exceptions for
    Seasonal Texan RVers: 
    There are exceptions for Seasonal Texan RVers who are out of
    the state during their renewal period.  The
    process for renewing your registrations if you are out of the state is:

    1. Complete the information on the registrations renewal
      (online or by mail).
    2. Choose the out-of-state-self-certify option
      which allows you to receive your sticker without the inspection. DMV will flag
      your account.
    3. When you return to Texas you will have 3 days to
      get the inspection done.  The report will
      automatically be sent to DMV and at that time the flag will removed from your
  • Cost of Renewals:The inspections will cost you $7.00 per vehicle or trailer.
    Registration renewal for 5th wheels and travel
    trailers:  Around $150.00 (plus a $7.50
    safety fee)
    Registration renewal
    for cars and light trucks: $50.75 (plus a $7.50 safety fee)
    Registration renewal
    for pickup trucks between 6,001 to 10,000 lbs: $54.00 (plus a $7.50 safety
    There is quite a range in renewal prices for motor homes so
    you will have to read your notice carefully or contact the DMV.
  • DMV Contact Information:The DMV website is a bit out of date and some of the links
    don’t work so you may have to talk directly to an agent for accurate
    DMV Phone Number:       (210) 436-6611
    Texas DMV Registration Renewal Page:   http://www.dmv.org/registration-renewal.php
    Texas “One Sticker” Information Brochure:     http://twostepsonesticker.com/

So, hope you’ve got all that.  If you need any clarification, feel free to call us. You may also want to check out this great compilation released by the Escapees RV Club called “How to Become a Real Texan.”  It’s a great resource for all kinds of info regarding making Texas your RV domicile, including everything you need to bring with you when completing each step of the process.  Although this new inspection/registration law is not reflected in the article, it will save you lots of time and may trips to and from the various agencies if you have all the documentation you need the first time you go there.

*Yesterday I had my vehicle inspected and today I went online and was able to process my registration.  I am assuming it will go through without a hitch but if there are any complications I’ll let y’all know.  Didn’t expect that the electronic recording would occur that quickly.  Yay!

If you have any clarifications to add please help out our fellow readers by commenting below.  As the system becomes more clear through our use and experience of it, we’ll update this post.   

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